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Minnesota News Briefs: Record-breaking heat in sourthern Minnesota

Our weather has even the most seasoned observers shaking their heads. The National Weather Service's state map is bright pink with few exceptions, meaning conditions are ripe for fires.

As for the predicted highs, take your pick..94 in Worthington and the Twin Cities, 83 in Moorhead and 91 in Rochester. The only respite from the sudden heat can be found around Lake Superior where Duluth's high should hit 55.


Very hot and pretty cold...that's been the lot of Twins fans at Target Field so far this year. After bundling up to watch games with snow on the ground and northwest winds howling, fans will be looking for ways to cool off for tonight's game against the White Sox. Today's high in Minneapolis is expected to be close to 95 degrees.


Minnesota will be the 12th state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage by this evening. Governor Mark Dayton is expected to sign the law at a ceremony late this afternoon at the State Capitol, after the Senate approved it by a vote of 37 to 30 on Monday. The sponsor was Senator Scott Dibble, whose same-sex marriage is currently not recognized in Minnesota. The Governor will sign the bill at a 5 p.m. ceremony on the steps of the Capitol, and gay marriage will become legal on August 1st.


A vote on unionization of daycare providers is expected in the state Senate today. Lakeville daycare provider Becky Swanson argues the measure means tough choices for providers when it comes to deciding whether to accept children covered under the Child Assistance Program. She says unfortunately these are the most needed families, "our most needed children who need our care." Swanson says passage of the bill would make it more difficult for her to accept children covered by the assistance program because she would incur the additional expense of paying union wages. The bill would extend collective bargaining rights to workers in public home care programs.


Law enforcement officers from throughout Minnesota are heading to St. Paul for tonight's annual Standing of the Memorial Guard on the State Capitol grounds. Starting at seven this evening, officers will stand in silence for 20 minute shifts at the State Police Memorial. The vigil will continue through the night and end tomorrow evening at seven o'clock with a candlelight service to which the public is invited. The Law Enforcement Memorial Association says the event honors the 270 officers who have died in the line of duty in Minnesota.


Emergency crews are searching the Mississippi River after someone called 9-1-1 to say they saw two people jump into the river from the Stone Arch Bridge. Rescue crews got to the scene at about 4:30 this morning, and began searching both in the water and along the river's banks. A Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson says the rescue effort has now become a recovery mission.