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Minnesota News Round-up: Body spotted in Mississippi River in St. Paul

ST. PAUL - Authorities are working to recover a body from the Mississippi River in St. Paul.

This morning, a passerby spotted the body in the water near the Marshall Street Bridge. It's unclear at this time if it's a male or female but police believe the body has been in the water for some time. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner will be responsible for identifying the victim.


The Rochester toddler who was stabbed just over a year ago, days before his second birthday, has died in a Nebraska hospital. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital officials say three-year-old Xavier Njemanze had been undergoing therapy there for injuries he suffered when he was stabbed at his mother? home last March. The cause of the boy's death is unclear. The boy's attacker, his mother's former boyfriend 23-year-old Antonio Roebuck, is serving a 27-year prison sentence.


A 68-year-old woman is dead after the car she was riding in collided with a tow truck Monday on Highway 13 in Savage. The Minnesota State Patrol identified the victim as Maria Mendez. Troopers say the tow truck failed to yield while making a turn and was broadsided by the car. The driver and two other passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries. The truck driver wasn't hurt in the crash.


A man accused of stabbing a Grand Portage Casino guard in the neck has been charged with attempted first-degree murder. Twenty-one-year-old Steven Anishnabie of Grand Portage told police that he planned to stab Rollin Baird for a couple of months because he did not think that Baird was appreciative of the customers of the casino.?Cook County prosecuting Attorney Molly Hicken says the knife just missed Baird? carotid artery, but he is out of the hospital and continues to recover. Anishnabie? blood-alcohol concentration was .17, more than twice the legal limit for driving. The casino security cameras might have caught the attack on videotape and the county has asked the casino for a copy.


A Brownsdale baby has been taken off his medication for HIV again, after a life-threatening condition arose 11 hours after doctors put him back on the meds yesterday (Mon). Baby Rico's grandfather Steve Nagel says the tot has been closely monitored since he was put back on the drugs, which have similar side effects as the rash he got just over a week ago, and Mower County is continuing to supervise as well. A family court hearing in early June will decide how long the county will have to supervise, which could be weeks or months. The county intervened in the baby's care after he missed a routine medical appointment. The family maintains that the anti-retroviral drugs they are being forced to give Rico do more harm than good.


U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (DFL-Plymouth) says she is outraged over record-high gas prices in Minnesota. Klobuchar says this is the same thing that happened with routine maintenance choking gas supplies following Super Storm Sandy. She says there's got to be a way for the government to get involved and stagger refinery maintenance schedules and at least make suggestions about where they see hot spots so it doesn't hurt Minnesota again. Klobuchar says she can't believe gas prices in our state are higher than Honolulu...adding "there is no reason for this to happen." Gas prices average $4.26 per gallon today while the national average is about .57 cents less at 3.69 a gallon.


Fridley-based Medtronic announced today it will cut two-thousand jobs worldwide as part of a restructuring plan. It's estimated 500 jobs will be cut here in Minnesota. However, 160 new jobs have been posted, making the number of cuts closer to 340. Officials say a majority of the planned reductions have already taken place, the remainder will take place in the fiscal year 2014.


Sales are down at one of the biggest names in retail electronics, one of Minnesota's largest companies. Best Buy showed a nearly ten-percent drop in revenue for the quarter, with earnings down to just 32-cents a share. The company, however, still did better than analysts had predicted; they believed there would be a steeper decline. Best Buy has found it tough to keep up with online retailers like Amazon and others.