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Former Prescott police officers honored

The Prescott Police Department bid farewell to two longtime patrol officers during the City Council meeting on May 13. Mayor Mark Huber and Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko thanked and honored Officers Kari Bastien and David Vennerstrom for their years of dedicated service to the city.

Officers Bastien and Vennerstrom were presented with award plaques that recognized their years of service to the city. The plaques featured the police department emblem. Council members also passed resolutions that thaned both officers for their dedicated to public safety.

"A lot of departments have 'protect and serve' as their motto. During their careers here, Officers Bastien and Vennerstrom truly protected and served the people of Prescott," Bondarenko said. "Both of them dedicated many years of their lives to public safety, made the sacrifices required and accepted the risks involved."

Bastien served the department from December 2006 through March 2013. She received three commendations, including a lifesaving award, and two letters of appreciation. She is leaving the law enforcement profession.

Former city police officer Krystal Johnson attended the ceremony and reminisced about the night in early 2007 when she and Bastien were on duty together for the first time. It was the first time that Prescott had two female police officers on duty at the same time. "We got two hot calls at once, so we each took one and away we went," she said.

Vennerstrom was a city police officer from May 2010 to May 2013. He received one commendation. He has retired from law enforcement to pursue another occupation.

Huber presented the plaques and read the congratulatory resolutions.