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State News Roundup: Temperatures below freezing in northern Wisconsin this morning

It's too cold to camp in much of Wisconsin this morning - but in 24 hours, lots of campgrounds will be full anyway as the Memorial Day Weekend begins. It got down to 27 degrees at six a-m in Land O'Lakes near the border at Upper Michigan. It was 28 in Eagle River, Tomahawk, and Hayward. Central Wisconsin had a few places below freezing, and it was a relatively balmy 45 in Racine. Freeze and frost warnings have expired, as the mercury rose above freezing by seven o'clock in virtually all of Wisconsin. The National Weather Service said the cold readings were the result of a high-pressure system that brought in clear skies. Forecasters say it will be somewhat warmer today through the weekend, with highs generally in the 60's and lows in the 40's. There's a slight chance of rain throughout the weekend, with a better chance of thunderstorms predicted for Monday.


Wisconsin sport anglers can take a lot more walleye than originally expected, after Chippewa spearers failed to meet their goal of taking thousands more fish than normal. Yesterday, the state D-N-R said it was increasing the daily bag limits on 442 lakes in northern Wisconsin, where the Chippewa get to fish first as the result of their long-held treaty rights. Starting tomorrow, daily bag limits for sport anglers will increase to five walleye on 288 lakes, four-per-day on three waters, three on 131 lakes, and two on 101 lakes. The D-N-R says the ice is finally gone on the northern lakes, and walleye have finished spawning. Officials said the six Chippewa band speared just over 28-thousand walleye this spring. It was the lowest harvest since 2008, and it's about 700 below normal - most likely because of the late spring. The spearers also took 249 musky. D-N-R Secretary Cathy Stepp called higher bag limits great news as thousands more anglers take to the waters during the Memorial Day Weekend. The increase also comes a day after Governor Scott Walker announced a new initiative to greatly increase walleye stocks from Wisconsin's public, private, and tribal fish hatcheries.


Stephanie Walker starts June 17th as the fourth chief financial officer in two years for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. She was named yesterday to replace Scott Bowers, who left after just one day in April when his old employer - Marling Lumber - offered him another job. Walker, who's not related to Governor Scott Walker, is currently the finance director for the Milwaukee suburb of Shorewood. She held similar posts in Brown Deer and Berwyn Illinois. Walker is joining a two-year-old public-private agency that was recently called on the carpet for not adopting certain policies, and failing to keep adequate checks on grants-and-loans made to businesses for creating jobs. Until Bowers was hired, the W-E-D-C went 16 months without a chief financial officer, following the resignation of Mike Klosinski - who was the agency's second C-F-O.