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Western Wisconsin News Briefs: La Crosse County judge sends Stanley back to mental health facility

LA CROSSE -- He didn't tell the court he had been experiencing violent thoughts, so 57-year old Bryan Stanley has been ordered to return to a Wisconsin mental health facility.

Stanley was convicted of killing three people at a church in 1985. A La Crosse County judge ruled Stanley should have reported he had been having the violent thoughts for more than a year, sometimes up to 10 times a day. Stanley had blamed his triple-murder on schizophrenia. He had been on conditional release. His attorney says Stanley reached out for help - and that's why his conditional release was revoked. Stanley had been found not guilty by reason of mental disease when he shot custodian William Hammes, the Reverence John Rossiter and lay minister Ferdinand Roth Senior to death at a Wisconsin church.


Former La Crosse assistant city attorney Peter Kisken allegedly messed up prosecutions, neglected some cases, conducted personal business on work time and had sex in City Hall with another employee. The La Crosse Tribune acquired a 135-page report on Kisken and his termination through an open records request. He and Liana Escott were placed on paid administrative leave last year. Escott resigned in January and Kisken was fired last month. City officials say he shared confidential legal information while having a two-year workplace relationship with Escott, the former community development administrator.