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Afternoon Minnesota News Briefs: Man hospitalized in beer-pong incident

MANKATO, Minn. - A 21-year-old Mankato man was hospitalized after being stabbed during an argument over a beer pong game on Sunday.

Police say the victim is recovering, and 18-year-old Colton Lang was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree assault and terroristic threats. Both are felonies.


Two drunken men capsized their canoe late Monday afternoon on the Red River near Welles Memorial Park in Breckenridge. A Breckenridge Fire Department water rescue boat pulled the two men and their dog from the water. They both suffered minor injuries from debris in the river but did not want medical attention. Officers say neither man was wearing a life jacket. North Dakota Game and Fish is still investigating the incident.


At the beginning of the year, economists warned that Minnesota and other states were likely to see big price spikes at the grocery store, but that food cost increase hasn't really materialized. USDA economist Ricky Volpe says overall food prices are only up about 1 percent over this time last year, which is surprising given that 2012 saw the worst drought in 70 years. He says we really haven't seen any impact of the drought at all. The year isn't even quite half over, though, and Volpe is sticking close to his original food price forecast for the year. He predicts overall food prices at the grocery store for the year, on average, will be up 2-and-a-half to 3-and-a-half percent.


It's tick season in Minnesota. While the season was delayed because of our prolonged winter, the recent rain and warm-up have brought the ticks out in full force. Dave Neitzel with the state Health Department says if you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, the best way to protect yourself is using a product that contains at least 30-percent DEET. He says a product containing permerthrin does a very good job of repelling ticks from clothing and treated surfaces. Neitzel also recommends treating your pets for ticks with products like Frontline.


The National Republican Congressional Committee and Minnesota Republican Party continue to target DFL Congressman Collin Peterson. The GOP launched a mobile billboard in western Minnesota today (Tues) to remind 7th District voters "that Peterson voted for Obamacare, which puts the IRS in charge of Minnesotans' health care." Peterson actually voted against the Affordable Care Act but has opposed its repeal in the U.S. House. Republicans have not found a viable candidate to challenge him in 2014. The mobile billboard will spend the day driving around Peterson's district.