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OSU president apologizes to Alvarez, Bielema

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee is doing a lot of apologizing these days. Some of his comments from a meeting of that school's athletic council last December have been leaking out and now Gee is having to do some back-tracking.

Among the recipients of an "I'm sorry" is Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez. Gee had said Alvarez didn't like former Badger football coach Bret Bielema and thought Bielema was a thug. Alvarez now says Gee called him and apologized last week. The former UW coach says he never said that about Bielema and never felt that way. He says he accepts the OSU president's apology and considers the matter closed.

Bielema has tweeted that Gee's apology to him, by e-mail, is a start. Bielema says he is expecting a phone call soon. A Columbus newspaper is reporting the trustees at Ohio State have told President Gee any more inappropriate remarks will cost him his job.