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Man charged with Stillwater bank robbery, bomb threat

STILLWATER - The Michigan man accused of shutting down Stillwater on Saturday when he robbed a bank and threatened to blow it up with a bomb hidden in his briefcase has been charged with robbery.

65-year-old David Tyler of Cheboygan warned the teller that the bomb would level an entire city block, and demanded $200,000. He ran off with just under $4,000. Tyler was caught a block away, and apparently told the arresting officer that he robbed the bank because he was behind on child support. After a six hour evacuation police determined that the briefcase Tyler left behind did not contain a bomb. He remains in jail.

Tyler also told investigators that he was a career criminal in the 70's, and has previously done prison time for bank robbery and kidnapping. His original plan was to rob a bank in Duluth, but he couldn't find one he felt comfortable holding up.