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Authorities looking for assistance in Hudson crash and arson case

HUDSON - State and local authorities hope that a reward will help find the person who drove into a probation-and-parole office in Hudson and started a fire.

Hudson Police and the state Fire Marshal are offering a reward of up to five-thousand dollars information that leads to an arrest and a conviction. The incident happened between 4:30 and 6:30 on the morning of June 3, not long before the Community Corrections' facility was about to open for the day.

Police said the vehicle broke through the front doors of the structure, and a device was thrown into the foyer that was meant to start the fire. The sprinkler system put it out, but not before the fire damaged the foyer and several rooms nearby. Also, several state-owned vehicles near the building had their tires slashed. The state Justice Department said yesterday that the fire was classified as arson.

Officials are asking anyone traveling near the Saint Croix Business Park during the fire to call the state's Arson Hotline. Here's the number - 1-800-362-3005.