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Report says Wisconsin job growth to be slow and steady

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin will continue to have slow-and-steady job growth from July-through-September. That's according to the latest employer survey by Milwaukee's Manpower Incorporated.

The global hiring firm says 24-percent of Wisconsin employers expect to add jobs in the third quarter of the year. Five-percent expect layoffs, for a net employment outlook of 19-percent. That's one-percent above the current quarter - and it's three-percent lower than the third quarter a year ago, when the Manpower Index was the highest during the current recovery. The company expects more vigorous hiring in Metro Milwaukee. Twenty-six of those employers plan to add jobs, and five-percent expect layoffs.

Wisconsin's job growth is expected to out-pace the nation. Only 22-percent of U.S. firms expect to add jobs from July-through-September. Still, it's Manpower's highest projected national gain since the Great Recession began in earnest in 2007.