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Doyle wants enrollment limits for online schools

The future of Wisconsin's online schools was put back in jeopardy Tuesday, after Gov. Jim Doyle insisted on new enrollment limits.

Doyle also said he wants a study, to find out if students are getting the same quality of education they'd get in an actual classroom.

At first, senators rejected the change by one vote Tuesday. But Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, later changed his vote so the measure would pass.

It now goes to the Assembly, where majority Republicans accuse Doyle of catering to the state's largest teachers' union.

That group won a lawsuit last year to cut off state aid to virtual schools and make parents have the same teaching qualifications as they have

After those parents complained, lawmakers in both parties crafted a compromise which basically continues the state aid, while taking lesser steps toward accountability than what the governor wanted.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Russ Decker, D-Weston, said Doyle's enrollment limits are still 30 percent higher than the current total of 3,500.

Decker said the governor would have vetoed the bill and killed the virtual schools if it wasn't for Tuesday's changes.