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Eau Claire-Menomonie looking hot for jobs; Twin Cities not so good

Employers in the Twin Cities market area won't be in much of a hiring mood in the coming months, according to the quarterly employment outlook survey by Manpower, Inc.

Meanwhile, a good number of employers in the Chippewa Valley region, which includes Menomonie and Eau Claire, are looking to hire.

Nationally, the Manpower survey reports that there will be a gradual decline in hiring from April to June. Of the 14,000 employers contacted only 26 percent expect to add employees.

Manpower, Inc. is a Milwaukee-based international employment firm.

In the Twin Cities market 36 percent of the employers contacted expect to add staff, while another 36 percent expect to cut their staffs.

"Compared with the first quarter of 2008 when 33 percent of companies interviewed intended to add employees and 25 percent planned to reduce staff levels, area hiring levels appear to be weaker," said Michele Lindberg, a spokesperson with Manpower's Twin Cities office.

In the Twin Cities, jobs in finance, insurance and real estate appear to have the brightest outlook.

Meanwhile employers in public administration plan on cutting positions.

Employers in construction, durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, transportation/public utilities, wholesale/retail trade, education and services had mixed hiring intentions, according to Manpower.

Eastward down Interstate 94 the picture is much brighter.

Manpower reports that employers in the Chippewa Valley region plan on hiring at a brisk pace, with 46 percent planning to adding staff.

The region led the state with the number of employers planning to hire. The Fox River Valley and the Milwaukee area followed with 37 percent of employers in those areas planning to hire.

According to Donna Christianson, a spokesperson for Manpower's Eau Claire office, last quarter only 17 percent of employers intended to hire and 30 percent intended to reduce staffs.

In the current survey, only 12 percent of employers in the region plan on cutting staffs.

"Employers are more optimistic about hiring activity as compared to one year ago, when 23 percent of companies surveyed planned to increase staffs," said Christianson.

Manpower reports that jobs in construction, education, transportation/public utilities, wholesale/retail along with trade, finance, insurance and real estate have the brightest outlook.

Employers in the non-durable goods manufacturing and services voiced mixed intentions.

Jobs in durable goods manufacturing and public administration are expected to remain unchanged.

Across Wisconsin Manpower reports that 27 percent of employers expect to hire more staff in the coming four months and eight percent expect to cut staffs.

In Minnesota 14 percent of employers expect to layoff staff while 25 percent expect to add employees.

More information is available on the company's Web site at and then select "Pressroom" and then Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.