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La Crosse and Kenosha counties considering smoking bans

La Crosse County and Kenosha are among the latest in Wisconsin to consider smoking bans in all workplaces - including bars and restaurants.

The La Crosse County Health and Human Services Board is scheduled to take up the measure today (Tuesday).

Voters in Kenosha will have their say in a non-binding referendum on Nov. 4, and about 100 people marched to a City Council meeting Monday night to rally for no votes on the smoking ban.

Restaurant owner Stacey West-Rivera said personal freedom is at stake.

Other marchers said it was wrong to locally ban what's still a legal product in this country.

The issue was also discussed at the Council meeting with folks on both sides speaking out.

One woman said she lost relatives to emphysema and that's why she favors the ban.

Officials tested air quality in 58 establishments in eight western Wisconsin.

The results were announced on the eve of today's committee vote on the La Crosse County ban.

The report said only smoke-free places had good air quality.

The Department of Natural Resources says people should not expose themselves to more than 40 micrograms of small particulates in a day. But the survey found one place with 1,440 micrograms.