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Doyle says Wisconsin should only expect 2 percent of Obama stimulus package

Gov. Jim Doyle says Wisconsin can expect about 2 percent of the economic stimulus money that flows from Washington.

He said it won't be easy to decide which building and road projects will get funded.

Doyle says it's possible the final list might include school buildings that voters turned down in referendums.

The governor said some of those projects could begin as soon as the money is made available and that's a must for any item in the package.

Doyle says some school building opponents might be thrilled to get new facilities as long as their property taxes don't have to pay for them.

Last month, the governor gave Congress a list of $3.7 billion worth of projects that can start now in Wisconsin. He says it's clear that nobody will get their entire wish lists granted so they'll need exact criteria in setting priorities.

Doyle went to Washington Thursday to hear President-elect Barack Obama's speech on the economy. He said the nation would be in for tougher times than projected unless Congress acts quickly to bolster the economy.