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Dumpster diving with Earth Day mindset

Earth-friendly folks at Western Technical College weren't afraid to get their hands dirty while dumpster diving Monday in La Crosse.

Lee Rasch is president of Western Technical College. He says he's diving in to show his support of the school's sustainability efforts.

"I'm glad to have an opportunity. It might sound funny to be saying that about diving in a dumpster, but I think when we find things and talk about our day to day practices it could just help us in our recycling efforts."

WTC Climate Commitment Project Assistant Erica Black says this is the first time they've done a dumpster dive. She doesn't know what they'll find.

"Hopefully nothing too scary, but there are a lot of classrooms in this building so hopefully it will just be pop bottles, aluminum cans, maybe glass and paper."

WTC Custodial Supervisor Julie Dahl hand-picked this dumpster. She hopes to get a good idea of how campus recycling efforts are working. Dahl says, from the looks of things, the school needs to do a better job.

"We are intending to put out more recycling stations in the corridors and office complexes. We've got a Web site up that promotes recycling and sustainability. But, we think the more containers we can get out the better. I think people will recycle. We just need to make it a little more convenient."

Rasch hopes more students will lend a hand with recycling.