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'Idol's' Gokey gets hero's welcome in Milwaukee

American Idol finalist Danny Gokey is getting a hero's welcome in Milwaukee today.

Every year, the top-rated TV show arranges to have its three finalists face the cheering crowds back home to get a taste of what being a celebrity is like.

This morning, Gokey, 29, appeared on WITI, the Milwaukee Fox station that carries American Idol.

Later today, he'll sing at his church, Faith Builders International Ministries. I

In the afternoon, he'll get a look at some of downtown Milwaukee's top attractions including the Harley-Davidson museum, the Fonz statue, Discovery World and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Then it's off to the Summerfest grounds for a parade and a concert, before he throws out the first pitch and sings the National Anthem at tonight's Brewer-Cub game.

American Idol crews will videotape it all, and we'll see highlights next Tuesday night on Fox.

Normally at the concerts, the mayor reads a note from one of the show's judges, announcing a song for them to sing next week.

But don't be surprised if one of the Green Bay Packers does that duty for Gokey. Aaron Rodgers, Nick Barnett, Greg Jennings, and Ruvell Martin will all be at the parade and concert.

The free concert starts at 5:15 p.m. at Summerfest.