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OnStar tracks car salesman and missing car in Pennsylvania

A Milwaukee area car salesman is free on bond, after he was caught driving one of his dealership's vehicles in Pennsylvania.

John Sergeant Jr., 35, of Milwaukee is charged in Pennsylvania with receiving stolen property and Wauwatosa Police have not decided whether to seek charges of stealing the car.

According to police, Sergeant stopped showing up for work at Hall Chevrolet a couple weeks ago.

And they discovered last week that a new Chevy Malibu was missing, when a salesman who sold it could not find it on the lot.

The dealer then contacted police and the vehicle's OnStar satellite system tracked the Malibu to New York State.

Authorities said OnStar kept tracking the car for about a day, until a Pennsylvania trooper arrested Sergeant on Interstate-80 at Milton.

Trooper Chad Rarig said the driver told him he was in New York visiting a sister in the hospital.

Wauwatosa Police said Sergeant was not permitted to drive the car out of Wisconsin, and was using another salesman's tag.