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Sheboygan mayor accused of sexual advances prior to worker's dismissal

A former human resources director for the city of Sheboygan now claims she was fired because she rejected a sexual advance from the mayor.

But Mayor Bob Ryan said he released Angela Payne after other city departments complained about her job performance, and said they lost confidence in her abilities.

Former Sheboygan Mayor Juan Perez hired Payne in February, and she was fired on Aug. 6, before her probationary period ended.

In a letter to the city, Payne said Ryan changed his attitude toward her when she rejected his sexual advances at an after-hours gathering.

The mayor told the Sheboygan Press he had dinner and drinks with Payne a while back after a long day of labor negotiations but he said nothing improper happened.

Now, he said he regrets going out with a department head who would "use the incident against our city for monetary gain."

Payne told the newspaper she received a glowing review from the mayor not long before he fired her.

Her complaint was made public a day after the Press reported on a YouTube video in which the mayor was seen in a tavern making sexually-explicit comments about a relative. The video appeared to be taken on a cell phone.