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Aldermen in Sheboygan discuss defense to discrimination suit against the city's mayor

Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan is not saying what happened during a two and a half hour closed meeting last night, in which aldermen discussed their possible response to a federal discrimination suit.

Former city human resources director Angela Payne claims she was fired last month because she rejected Ryan's sexual advances when they had dinner in a restaurant.

A letter from her attorney said Ryan gave Payne a favorable job review in June, that he made inappropriate comments about female city officials, and he bragged about getting oral sex from young girls since being elected mayor in April.

Ryan has said Payne's claims were not substantiated.

City attorney Steve McLean issued a written statement after Tuesday's session, noting that strong defenses were discussed but no action was taken.

Ryan said he'd issue his own statement later in the week.

News about the lawsuit came last week, a day after a video showed up on YouTube which showed the mayor in a tavern making a sexually-explicit comment about his sister-in-law.

The video looked like it was made on somebody's cell phone.

Ryan gave a public apology a couple days after it came out.