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Harley-Davidson might start building motorcycles overseas someday

Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson says it might start building motorcycles overseas someday.

The company sells 30 percent of its bikes overseas now, and that figure could rise to 40 percent by 2014.

India is one of the fastest-growing markets, along with China and eastern Europe.

Harley says it will open up to 150 dealerships in Europe and other foreign hot-spots next year.

The company makes virtually all its motorcycles in America, but a number of parts come from overseas.

As Harley become more global, CEO Keith Wandell says it might move some of its production closer to where their foreign sales are. In this country, Harley has taken a huge hit during the recession.

Corporate profits are down 84 percent from a year ago.

And Thursday, Harley said it would stop making Buell sport bikes in East Troy and concentrate on its main Harley-Davidson lines.

About 180 jobs will be lost by Buell's shutdown. Most cuts are expected by Dec. 18.