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Officials tell health care providers to delay vaccination clinics for H1N1 flu

State officials are telling health care providers to delay their public vaccination clinics for the H1N1 swine flu.

Wisconsin has received about 300,000 fewer doses than they were expecting by now.

And officials want the 400,000 available doses to go to five specific groups - pregnant women, kids up to age 4, those under 18 with chronic medical problems, those close to babies 6 months or younger, and health care workers who have contact with patients or infectious materials.

State health officer Seth Foldy says many of those people can get the vaccine during their regular doctor visits.

And public health agencies are reaching out to others in the high-risk groups. State health services secretary Karen Timberlake says the current restrictions will probably last for a couple weeks.

And public clinics can resume once the vaccine becomes more readily available. The vaccine shortage is being felt nationally.

It's due to a slower than expected production process.