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Clifton: Possible development fuels passionate discussion

Discussion about the possible development of the Greg Most farm along County Road F near Prescott dominated this month's Clifton town board meeting.

According to Clifton board members, developer Rick Ahern is interested in purchasing the Most property and building a community of affordable homes, but with a unique twist.

Supervisor Gregg Eggers said the developers are looking to be more efficient with the use of the land and looking for local owners to conserve the land.

The idea is to build a community of affordable homes on smaller lots that would not be a drain on the tax base.

Also proposed along with this development would be the conservation of the Mickleson property across the road for agricultural purposes. This would involve transferring the development rights to the Most property.

According to Eggers, the developers are looking for local owners looking to conserve land, while trying to be more efficient with the land.

"We would be losing over 100 acres of prime agricultural land, but we're conserving over 100 acres on the other side of the road," Eggers said. "We all want to conserve land out here, but everyone wants to do it for nothing."

Read more about this and other matters discussed in next week's print edition of the River Falls Journal.