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What's an artist? PCHA asks for names

By definition, the word "artist" has a wide range of meanings. And those meanings do not necessarily apply in the fashion most people might understand.

An artist can and does do many different things, in many different media, including clay, glass, stone, paper, music, oils, water colors, pen and ink, furniture building, ad infinitum.

Try to draw a straight line. Most cannot. Not many Pierce County residents are much more than what they, themselves, consider to be artists, just amateurs.

However, it is known that a good number of area people are talented. Go ahead -- name some names. The Pierce County Historical Association (PCHA) is looking for names and such because people tend to lose track of so many aspects of their cultural heritage unless it is written down.

Living or dead -- the condition of the artist matters not at all. Just give the names and tell about the person. A bit of biography would be useful, particularly identifying what the person does or did. Send the name and the story to the following address: PCHA, P.O. Box 148, Ellsworth, WI 54011.