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Man to appear in court for sex assault charge

A Minnesota man is scheduled to make his first appearance Monday, April 2, in Pierce County Circuit Court on charges of repeated sexual assault of child.

Franklin D. Trode, 44, Woodbury, Minn., was charged the Class C felony earlier this month.

According to the criminal complaint, River Falls police were notified of the alleged charges in January by Colorado authorities.

They were notified by Trode's estranged wife that while the family was living in River Falls, Trode molested the victim on multiple occasions.

The victim was interviewed by Colorado authorities and first denied any sexual contact with Trode but later admitted to being molested.

River Falls police found Trode a few days later and questioned him at local police station.

Trode said his family lived in River Falls from August 2009 through August 2011 at Emily Circle.

On occasion, Trode said he would sleep with the victim, now 14, in her bed, even as she grew older.

During those times, Trode said his hands would "wander" and admitted to touching the victim.

He told River Falls police something to the effect that he knew he shouldn't be doing this but couldn't help himself.

Trode added he sought counseling and believes he has a sexual addiction.