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UPDATE: Pierce DA won't charge stabbing suspect for now; he will be released

Codi Walztoni

Pierce County District Attorney John O'Boyle has decided not to criminally charge Codi Walztoni for the stabbing death Friday, July 6, of 22-year-old Dylan Barry. The knife stabbing occurred in Walztoni's ground-floor apartment at 233 W. Cascade Ave. William Sangster Jr., another man stabbed, is reportedly still at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. His condition is unknown. O'Boyle said Monday afternoon, July 9, that it would be "premature to formally charge Mr. Walztoni in connection with this matter until the investigation is completed and can be reviewed in its entirety." O'Boyle also OK'd Walztoni's release from county jail in Ellsworth.

O'Boyle went on to say that "complex legal issues" regarding self-defense "bear on the factual issues in this case."

Police are still gathering witness statements. Some evidence is being analyzed by the Wisconsin State Crime Lab.

Barry, the dead man in the stabbing, is from this area of Wisconsin but appears to be someone who moved around without establishing much of an address.

According to a River Falls Police daily blotter, Barry was listed as domestic battery suspect at 623 W. Walnut St. Friday morning, July 6, less than an hour before he was fatally stabbed at Walztoni's apartment on West Cascade Avenue.

St. Croix County court records also show that Barry was a defendant in a recent paternity suit brought by Kearstin N. Walztoni (sister of Codi Waltzoni), 623 W. Walnut St.

Sangster, the other stabbing victim, is also from the area but without a fixed address.

In February 2011, Sangster was arrested by River Falls police for battery, obstruction, intimidating victims and attempted robbery in the area of East Cascade Avenue and Third Street.

After the Friday, July 6, fatal stabbing of Barry, Walztoni was taken to county jail in Ellsworth that afternoon.

Because Pierce County offices were closed for the weekend, Pierce County Judge Joe Boles granted a probable cause request to keep Walztoni beyond the usual 48 hours without being charged.

Walztoni was arrested in the stabbing for aggravated felony battery.

The double stabbing occurred in Walztoni's apartment, which is near the Swinging Bridge that leads to Glen Park.

Walztoni was there at the time, apparently with his sister, when Barry and Sangster arrived.

River Falls Police Chief Roger Leque said a preliminary investigation shows there was a confrontation between Sangster, Barry and Walztoni in Walztoni's apartment. Sangster and Barry received wounds caused by a kitchen knife.

The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory's Mobile Crime Scene Unit arrived in River Falls Friday afternoon to assist in the evidentiary processing of the incident.

Walztoni was also arrested by police at his apartment last month for possession of psilocybin (hallucinogenic) mushrooms, marijuana with intent to deliver, and drug paraphernalia.

At the time, Walztoni had been in a fight with two other men in the building. Those men fled before officers arrived.