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Earth Day: Dig It! Fun for the whole family April 21 in Hudson

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The St. Croix Community Development Department has joined with YMCA Camp St. Croix to host the 9th Annual Earth Day event, "Soils: Dig It!" Sunday, April 21, from noon-4 pm at YMCA Camp St. Croix in Hudson.

A "tunnel" will entice kids to pretend they are earth worms squirming underground. The journey continues winding through "roots" and discovering underground animals.

Other hands-on activities include getting dirty in the soil pit, building extravagant and excavating from the earth ancient trilobite "fossils" and treasure eggs. The Soil Science Corner encourages touching different soils, discovering soil insects and examining soil under a microscope.

"We want kids to literally dig into nature and experience its wonders in new and exciting ways," said Aleisha Miller, Environmental Educator, St. Croix County Community Development Dept. "If children learn to love the earth now, they will work to save it later."

Exhibitors from local businesses and non-profit organizations will also provide activities such as creating a soil profile tube, putting out "fire" with the Prairie Enthusiasts, and experiencing worm composting.

"If we don't teach our children, now, to appreciate nature and all it has to offer---it will soon be gone. This event is one small way to help connect children to nature so that they can learn to protect our natural resources for future generations down the road."

For information about the event contact Aleisha Miller at 715-531-1915 or AleishaMiller