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Prescott: Chief's notes on recent scams

Submitted photo.

Two city residents have been defrauded by individuals contacting them by telephone claiming to represent a computer maintenance firm and offering to sell them a computer maintenance contract. The individuals authorized payment for the maintenance contract by credit card and allowed remote access to their computers.

The perpetrators performed no computer maintenance, but charged the victim's credit cards and used remote computer access to make unauthorized withdrawals from the victim's bank accounts.

Several city residents have reported receiving e-mails reportedly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claiming they are owed an additional tax refund from a prior tax year. The e-mail contains links to websites that are counterfeits of the IRS website.

The potential victim is asked to provide financial institution information so the refund can be sent via electronic funds transfer.

However, the intent of the perpetrator is to gain electronic access to the victim's accounts and make unauthorized cash withdrawals.

The Internal Revenue Service does not conduct business with taxpayers over the internet and does not send e-mail refund notifications. Do not respond to these e-mails.