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Rush River near crest level at Maiden Rock

Wisconsin Department of Transportation stormwater control engineer Dave Larson takes a measurement reading Wednesday afternoon on the Rush River, just north of Maiden Rock. R-E photo by Mike Longaecker1 / 3
A Wisconsin Department of Transportation official said the rising Rush River was not expect to threaten this railroad bridge near Maiden Rock. R-E photo by Mike Longaecker2 / 3
The Rush River spanned the entire length of the Highway 35 bridge Wednesday afternoon. State officials said the level likely represented the river's crest. R-E photo by Mike Longaecker3 / 3

MAIDEN ROCK -- The Rush River swelled to about 12 feet Wednesday afternoon as rainwater from Tuesday's heavy storms fed into its confluence with Lake Pepin.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation storm water control engineer Dave Larson, who was taking river measurements Wednesday, said the river level appeared to be cresting north of Maiden Rock at about 3:30 p.m.

"This might be as high as it gets," he said from atop the Highway 35 bridge, where raging floodwaters carried large debris jams just below him.

He said the river had come up two feet in the course of an hour.

Larson said the Highway 35 bridge was not in jeopardy of washing out. The water appeared to be just a few feet below a railroad bridge just to the west, though Larson said that bridge also did not appear to be in jeopardy.