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Minnesota State News Briefs: Carjacking fugitive arrested

MINNEAPOLIS -- A fugitive wanted by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in connection with several violent carjackings and kidnapping is behind bars.

The suspect was arrested Thursday night after leading Minneapolis police on a car chase that ended in St. Paul. Officials say the crime spree started earlier in the day in Foley, when the suspect kidnapped a woman at knifepoint and drove her to Minneapolis. At some point, the woman was able to escape. Before his eventual arrest, the suspect managed to threaten two other women at knifepoint and carjacked two other cars.


Today marks the sixth month anniversary of the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, where 26 people died. Joan Peterson is with Protect Minnesota and says during this past legislative session, there were various bills introduced with a goal of reducing gun violence in the state. In the end, the only one that was brought to the floor and passed was a bill that invests one-million dollars to have authorities enter tens of thousands of missing records into the national database. Peterson says background checks should be required on all gun purchases in the U.S. She says while this won't stop every shooting, it will make a difference.