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Record crowd attends Driver's charity softball game

APPLETON - A record crowd of just over nine-thousand attended Donald Driver's annual charity softball game near Appleton yesterday.

Driver - who retired from the Green Bay Packers after last season - took over the event from Brett Favre in 2009. It has raised hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for Driver's foundation, which helps homeless families and disadvantaged young people in Wisconsin and Driver's home area of Houston. The fans were in mid-season form, tailgating for up to four-and-a-half hours before the first pitch. The Packers' all-time leading receiver said he'd return - but only if the Packers want him. If not, he'll be happy watching them at home on TV. He also vowed to continue the annual charity softball game and other events throughout Wisconsin.

Driver - who gained national fame a year ago by winning "Dancing With the Stars" - said he'll keep making Green Bay a second home and return as often as possible. On Saturday, Driver was honored with a street named after him in Green Bay - and a statue in his honor. For the record, the defense won the softball game, 24-20. Packers' rookie linebacker Nate Palmer was the game's MVP, after hitting a homer and a pair of doubles.