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MINNESOTA NEWS BRIEFS: Police still investigating shooting in St. Peter that killed two

ST. PETER, Minn. - Investigators say they're not looking for any suspects and the public is not in danger after a fatal double shooting yesterday at a home just behind the courthouse in Saint Peter.

Police have not released the victims' names or any other details, but reportedly obtained a search warrant as their investigation continues.


A section of Otter Tail County Road 8 is closed near Perham, after that area was doused with five inches or more of rain last Thursday night. Rick Hoium with the county maintenance department says the road looks deceptively normal on the surface but the dirt underneath is gone and the blacktop is "almost like a bridge -- it's just kind of floating in the air." Barricades are up, and the detour is about two miles from the affected culvert.


Gas prices continue to drop in Minnesota this summer. Triple-A's Gail Weinholzer says they've fallen dramatically since Memorial Day weekend. Weinholzer says the state reached its all-time high on May 20th at $4.28 a gallon -- but gas prices are down almost 80 cents since then with the statewide average now at $3.49. Some stations in the Twin Cities are selling regular unleaded for as low as 3-29. Weinholzer says prices started falling when the four Midwest refineries that were shut down went back on line at full strength.


A University of Minnesota professor was honored this (Tue) morning at the White House, as a "Champion for Change for Citizen Science." Professor Karen Oberhauser gets kudos for her work on monitoring larva of the monarch butterfly -- the official state insect. U of M President Eric Kaler says Oberhauser, "represents the best and the brightest" in the faculty at the University of Minnesota.