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WISCONSIN STATE NEWS BRIEFS: Waukesha man arrested for biting another man's ear off.

WAUKESHA - Waukesha police have arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly biting off another man’s ear.

Police are still investigating the incident, but say it happened Friday afternoon and more details will be available on Monday. The condition of the 47-year-old victim is not known. The unidentified assailant remains in jail on suspicion of mayhem.


Authorities have released the identity of a man who drowned in Shawano Lake in Northeast Wisconsin. The Shawano County sheriff’s office say 26-year-old Steven Olewinski of West Allis drowned on Friday when he jumped in the lake from a boat to save his dog. Authorities say his wife threw a life preserver, but Olewinski was unable to reach it and he disappeared under water when she swam to him. Olewinski’s wife and the dog made it out safely.


A watchdog report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows state regulators are failing to verify the income for individuals collecting taxpayer-supported benefits. In one example, the Journal-Sentinel reported a Milwaukee woman with six children received more than $150,000 in benefits over the last five years, yet failed to tell the state she collected rent from properties valued at least 4-million dollars. When asked about the properties, the woman claimed they were her mothers, who is also reportedly receives taxpayer-supported benefits, and she doesn't receive money from them. The report indicates people who claim to be self-employed are usually excluded from cross-referencing of reported income to the IRS and other regulators. Over $1.1 million people are receiving taxpayer-supported benefits from the state. According to the report, it is unknown how many are claiming to be self-employed.