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Disabled bear goes after bird feeders

A three-legged bear visited the Chris Jansen residence. (Submitted photo)

A three-legged bear visited the Chris Jansen residence. (Submitted photo)

PRESCOTT--Chris Jansen, who lives about a mile from the intersection of Hwy. 10 and CTH E, had a three-legged bear visit his home this month.

Jansen had all of his bird feeders impressively destroyed a few weeks earlier and figured a bear had visited. He managed to see the bear on his deck this time before it had time to take apart the bird feeders.

He snapped a quick picture through a window of the bear as it was on deck, but when he opened the screen door to get a better picture, it ran off the deck. That is when he noticed it was running weird because, at first, the missing leg was away from him.

The poor bear was hobbling around, missing the lower half of its front left leg. He was able to snap a few more pictures through windows in his basement as it wandered around trying to figure out how to get at the bird feeders from down below. It then went to the front yard, where the previous feeder had not yet been rebuilt, so then went back into the back yard.

When he tried to go outside to get better pictures, it ran off into the woods toward the Big River.

The Jansens have bears every now and then, but this was the first three-legged bear he had seen. He didn’t notice any other injuries while viewing the bear and wasn't even sure if the bear was born that way, as he didn’t see any scarring on its leg.