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Thies family insists boy got into car trunk by himself

ST. CROIX FALLS - The family of Isaiah Thies’ – the two-year-old Polk County boy found dead in a car trunk – believes the toddler got into the vehicle on his own.

Their pastor, Rick Van Gundy, says he also believes the family’s theory that Isaiah took the car keys from his dad’s auto repair business at their home, opened the trunk, and crawled inside.

Sheriff’s investigators say they’re not ready to accept the idea just yet. Chief deputy Steve Moe says it’s too early in their probe to reach conclusions, and every possibility remains on the table.

Isaiah was reported missing last Tuesday night, and over 2,400 people searched for him until late Wednesday night – when an officer found the dead baby in the trunk of a customer’s car after the owner arrived to drive it away. Preliminary autopsy results show that the child died from an extreme overheating known as hyperthermia. Funeral services for Isaiah Thies will be held tomorrow in Saint Croix Falls.