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MINNESOTA NEWS BRIEFS: No charges filed against Minneapolis cops in trouble in Green Bay

MINNEAPOLIS -  No charges will be filed in Green Bay, Wisconsin against two-off duty Minneapolis police officers accused of using racial slurs following a confrontation with a group of black men outside a bar June 29th.

Following the exchange, the black men left the area and were not named in the police report, which the City Attorney's office says makes it difficult to file charges. An internal investigation continues in Minneapolis and the officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.


A Gilbert man has plead guilty to spying on a teenage girl who was changing in the dressing room of his photography studio in Eveleth. Under the terms of a plea deal, 56-year-old Donald Peterson will avoid going to jail if he behaves during two years of supervised probation. The girl's boyfriend flagged down a police officer last August, and reported that Peterson was peeking into the dressing room at the Thomas Leonard Studio while his girlfriend was changing. When they searched the studio a few days later investigators found a piece of wood closing an approximate 2-inch gap in the wall about 7 feet off the ground. Several other similar incidents at Peterson's studio were reported to Eveleth police in 2001 and 2002, but he was never charged.


A northern Minnesota man has been arrested in Stearns County for allegedly flying a plane while drunk. The Sheriff? Department says 28-year-old Dustin Calgaro of Biwabik was flying an ultralight plane over the Bluegrass Festival near Richmond, and buzzing the crowd. The incident happened at about 9:00 p.m Thursday night. He eventually landed the plane at the El Rancho Manana Campground. The deputy at the event indicated the Calgaro was under the influence. Calgargo was arrested and charged with operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol.


Last year a New England drug compounding company was found responsible for a meningitis outbreak that killed one Minnesotan and 60 other people, after they contracted a fungal infection following spinal steroid injections. More than 700 other people, including 12 in Minnesota, got sick. Now Minnesota Senator Al Franken (DFL-Minneapolis) is pushing for passage of his Pharmaceutical Quality, Security, and Accountability Act to better ensure the safety of medications that are mixed together in such compounding facilities. Among other things, the bill would bring those companies under the supervision of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Today Franken is meeting with pharmacists and leaders at the Thrifty White Pharmacy headquarters and distribution center in Plymouth.