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WISCONSIN NEWS BRIEFS: Proposed law would shut down public access to mine site

MADISON - A new bill could shut down public access to forest lands near a controversial iron mining site.

State Senator Thomas Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst), the bill’s author, says protesters of the proposed Gogebic mine in northern Wisconsin have taken advantage of the managed forest land designation. The bill would allow mining officials to close that land until a permit is issued. Aggressive protesting tactics have worried some mining officials, after a Stevens Point woman was charged with robbery in a camera incident on June 11. Democrat State Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) is skeptical of the bill, saying an entire forest shouldn't be shut down to the public because “one idiot got in the way.”


The National Weather Service says temperatures reached unusual highs across most of the state. In Milwaukee, temperatures reached 95 degrees – 18 degrees warmer than the average high for this time of the year. Most of the Southern part of the state saw similar temperatures, thanks to a heat wave trekking across the Midwest. Some good news, though… The Weather Service says temperatures for Sunday are expected to dip in the mid-80s with a good chance of thunderstorms (50-percent).