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WISCONSIN NEWS BRIEFS: Madison police ID body found in Warner Park lagoon

MADISON - Madison Police say a body found on Friday by a group of middle school students has been identified.

Authorities say 55-year-old Calvin Ewing was found by students on a field trip at Warner Park in a lagoon. The Dane County medical examiner’s office says a preliminary result shows Ewing drowned, but are still investigating to determine when and how he drowned.


Campus police at UW-Madison say they arrested 24 people for underage drinking during yesterday’s UW football game. Authorities say 23 of the people arrested are students at the University. Police also say they ejected 45 people from Camp Randall Stadium yesterday, compared to 27 last week. 


Authorities say some teens helped a bobcat to escape a Wisconsin zoo. The Kewaunee County Sheriff’s office says four 17-year-olds are accused of breaking into a Bruemmer County park building last month and later opening a bobcat cage, allowing one of the cats to escape. Zoo officials were able to quickly recapture the bobcat. Surveillance cameras allegedly caught the teens in the act. Authorities say social media tips lead to the identity of the teens, they could now face charges of theft and unauthorized release of animals.


 Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch says there is no regret by Governor Scott Walker’s promise of 250,000 private sector jobs by the end of his term. Kleefisch told a Green Bay radio station that not only is there regrets, they will meet that goal. She adds that as long as the state’s economy keeps growing, the goal will be reached. According to a report from PolitiFact, the Governor is about one-third of the way there at over 84,000 jobs created.