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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUND-UP: MSO makes new offer to locked-out musicians

MINNEAPOLIS - The latest offer from the Minnesota Orchestra Board to locked-out musicians includes a $20,000 dollar signing bonus. The board says its offer includes an average salary of about $104,000 over the three-years of the contract, as well as $33,000 in benefits per musician.

In addition, musicians would receive a one-time individual signing bonus of $20,000. The board says some of the money for the deal would come from a one-time bridge grant from more than a dozen Minnesota foundations. There is growing concern that Music Director Osmo Vanska will leave if the dispute leads to the cancellation of two highly-anticipated performances at Carnegie Hall in November. The board wants the union's negotiating committee to present the offer to members for a secret ballot before the proposal expires at noon Monday.


A Zimmerman man faces felony charges for allegedly stealing flat screen TVs, a safe and thousand dollars in cash from the Whistling Pickle restaurant and bar. The Sherburne County Sheriff's Office says a man claiming to be the owner attempted to exchange TVs at an Otsego Target store, but a Target employee who also works for the Whistling Pickle knew of the burglary and notified authorities. Surveillance video showed the suspect was a former Whistling Pickle manager who still had a key. A search of his home turned up stolen TVs, liquor bottles and some cash. The 38-year-old suspect is in jail awaiting arraignment.


Senator Amy Klobuchar characterizes the fight over the debt ceiling as "brinksmanship" and said on the Senate floor enough is enough. Klobuchar (DFL-Plymouth) says the country can't afford to keep lurching from crisis to crisis and it's time for both parties to come together and focus on real solutions. Klobuchar warns government shutdown would seriously hurt the economy and possibly trigger another recession. It's expected the Senate will pass a bill this afternoon to keep the government running and then send it to the House. But chances are near-zero that the Senate would accept any changes the House makes to the bill, especially an expected attempt to de-fund the Affordable Health Care Act.


Today marks the one-year anniversary of one of the worst workplace shootings in Minnesota history. Last year, Andrew Engledinger shot and killed six people at Accent Signage before turning the gun on himself. Sami Rahamim's father, Reuven, was the owner of the company and among those killed. Over the past year, Sami has traveled the U.S. pushing for stronger gun control laws. He says 40 percent of guns bought legally are acquired without a background check, meaning anyone with mental issues can be acquiring a weapon -- and Rahamim says that has to change.


The trial for a St. Paul man accused of killing his wife could go to the jury Tuesday. Jeffrey Trevino faces two counts of second-degree murder in Kira Steger's death. Steger was last seen alive in February and her body was recovered in May from the Mississippi River. Prosecutors contend that Trevino killed Steger in a jealous rage after finding out she was having an affair with a co-worker and wanted to end the marriage. It's unclear how many witnesses, if any, the defense will call. Trevino has until Monday to decide if he will take the stand.