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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Health officials confirm cases of Crypto in Milwaukee area

MILWAUKEE - Health officials have confirmed several cases of Crypto in the Milwaukee area.
The North Shore Health Department reports eight cases, adult and children, of cryptosporidiosis in Bayside, Fox Point andWhitefish Bay. There’s also the possibility of 12 other cases. The illness is caused by a waterborne parasite, officials believe pool water may be to blame for the series of cases. Symptoms include diarrhea and stomach cramps. Anyone with similar symptoms should see a doctor immediately.
___________________________ Governor Scott Walker has declared the Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay an emergency disaster. The bridge is a key transportation and commercial link across the Fox River. The declaration puts Brown County under a 60-day state of emergency, the state could also get federal reimbursements for 180 days of construction on the bridge. The bridge was closed on Wednesday after a part of its support pier sank two feet and dipped a section of it.
____________________________ The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will be releasing over 1,100 young sturgeon into Lake Michigan today. The sturgeon will be released at Lakeshore State Park on the harbor. A spokesperson for DNR says each fish received an identification tag under the skin, used to track them through the remainder of each one’s life. That could be a long time, since sturgeon can live over 100-years-old.