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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: USDA issues recall of food from Milwaukee-based company

MILWAUKEE - The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued a recall of chicken and ham products from a Wisconsin-based food company.

The federal agency says food products from Milwaukee-based Garden-Fresh Foods may be contaminated with listeria. The recall, issued on Thursday, includes 20 products and over six-thousand pounds of ready-to-eat chicken and ham. The recall is in addition to a second one, issued on September 25, for 11 products. A full list of the recall is available on the USDA’s website (


WPS Health Insurance says it will eliminate 175 jobs over the next year. The company says it’s ending a state insurance plan for high-risk patients, known as the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan, because the federal health exchange offers a similar coverage. Despite the cuts, a spokesperson says WPS still insures about 159,000 people and are poised for future growth with plans for new products. The company has about 2,900 employees, including 2,100 in Madison. The job cuts include 95 by the end of this year.


A former employee with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections will serve jail time for allegedly using state money to make unauthorized purchases. 44-year-old James Hoey was sentenced to 20 days in jail and three years of probation for pleading guilty to the charge. According to a criminal complaint, Hoey used a state-issued card to make several purchases in a one-year span, including a MacBook and other electronics. While a final figure on how much Hoey actually spent is still up in the air, Assistant District Attorney Paul Humphrey believes the amount is in the 29-thousand dollar range.


Milwaukee authorities say a one-month-old girl has died after sharing a bed with parents. In a report, investigators say the baby appeared to be well-cared for and in good health… there was also no evidence of alcohol or drug use. This marks the 14th time a child has died in Milwaukee due to co-sleeping this year. State lawmakers are currently working on a bill that would crack down on unsafe sleeping environments.