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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUND-UP: Shooting take place at Minneapolis restaurant

MINNEAPOLIS -  Minneapolis Police are investigating a deadly shooting at La Que Buena restaurant just after 1:30 this morning.  

When officers arrived, they located three victims that had been shot.  One adult male was pronounced dead at the scene, the other two men were transported to HCMC for treatment.  Police say a fourth victim, an adult male arrived at the hospital on his own.  All injuries appeared to be non-life threatening.  Preliminary information indicated that a group of people were gathered inside the restaurant when the suspect approached the building from the outside and then shot into the restaurant.  The suspect then fled the scene.  More information is expected to be released later today.  


A University of Minnesota student was sexually assaulted near campus early Sunday morning after accepting a ride from a man impersonating a police officer.  The female student was walking when she was approached by a man in a black SUV who identified himself as a police officer and warned her about walking alone and offered her a ride.  After she got into the vehicle he locked the doors and drove to a location west of I-35 and sexually assaulted her.  The suspect is described as a black male between the ages of 23 and 27 years old with a medium build. The man had short hair and a neatly trimmed chin-strap style beard. He was wearing a dark colored jacket with a badge on it, dark pants, and a security or police style duty belt. 


Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is bracing for sticky Thanksgiving travel with poor weather moving into the greater part of the eastern U.S.  Forecasters say the storm that has brought record rain to the west is not dying down and should be covering the eastern half of the country by time the bulk of Thanksgiving travel begins this week.  Dallas canceled 300 flights at its airport alone yesterday and MSP airport officials are warning travelers to check ahead first before heading to the airport this week.


Jeffery Trevino is set to be sentenced today in the death of his wife, Kira Steger.  Trevino was found guilty of second degree murder by a Ramsey County jury last month. Steger disappeared after a date night with Trevino in February, and her body was discovered in the Mississippi River in May.  Prosecutors are requesting that Trevino serve a 30-year sentence--which is ten years longer than the maximum the guidelines call for. Trevino's attorney is asking for a ten-and-a-half year sentence based in part on his client's previously clean record.


The Minnesota Department of Health and University of Minnesota received nearly $450,000 in grant funding to study how primary care doctors and public health officials could work together more effectively to improve community health.  MDH Senior Researcher Dr. Beth Gyllstrom (GILL'-strum) says the study will hopefully give a voice to what's needed at the local level to advance that working relationship. The study will collect data in Minnesota  -- as well as Wisconsin, Colorado, and Washington -- in order to find ways that private and public health officials might work together to improve immunization rates, reduce tobacco use and obesity, and promote greater physical activity.


Native Americans and others rallied Sunday afternoon in Cass Lake against wolf hunting as Minnesota wrapped up its second early season, with the late season opening November 30th.  Spokeswoman Reyna Crow says there's been some talk at a grassroots level about legal action on First Amendment religious freedom grounds, but she says she doesn't have any information about official tribal governments.  She does however say she understands the spirit of the treaties and doesn't feel they've been upheld. The wolf is part of Anishinabe spiritual tradition.


Minnesota's charitable gambling organizations have their agenda set for the 2014 legislative session after this weekend's convention in Saint Cloud.  Al Lund with Allied Charities says the group will ask that games like bingo, raffles and tipboards be taxed at the same rate, which would help charities see the benefit of getting into these businesses that they're not in.  Lund says if they can get charities excited about electronic bingo, the state will get more dollars even though the tax percentage would be lower.  E-pulltabs were supposed to help fund a new Vikings stadium but lawmakers had to tap other sources because revenues didn't meet expectations.


This could be a short season for Christmas tree growers in Minnesota as Thanksgiving falls on the latest possible date this year.  With one fewer weekend before Christmas, many farms opened Saturday.  The state Department of Agriculture's Paul Hugunin says it's not as easy to market real trees as artificial ones.  He says Christmas tree growers are much more dependent on things like the weather and getting people out to the farm each year--which can be a challenge.  Hugunin says the state has around 60 Christmas tree farms that produce an estimated half-a-million trees a year.  A list of local farms and grower-owned lots can be found in the Minnesota Grown Directory. 


If you're sending out a holiday card or package to a loved one this year, plan ahead.  The U.S. Postal Service says domestic first class cards and letters should be in the mail by December 20th and priority mail by December 21st.  Minneapolis Postmaster General Gina Hellermann says if you're sending a package, you should also include an address and return address inside the box, in case something happens while the package is in transit.  Hellermann says this year has the fewest possible number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she the earlier you mail your items, the better.