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Stout chancellor to retire next summer

MENOMONIE - The longest-serving chancellor in UW-Stout's history will retire next summer after 26 years.  Charles Sorenson announced today he'll leave on August 15th. 

The four-year campus at Menomonie had 7,700 students when he first became the chancellor in the late 1980's.  Now, Stout has around 9,200 students.  Sorenson said he worked with "bright-and-talented" students and staff members which strengthened the campus and quote, "added value to the degrees our students earn." 

The UW Board of Regents will begin a national search for a new chancellor at Stout.  A campus search-and-screen committee will help come up with a group of finalists.  Officials expect the new chancellor to be on board by August 15th when Sorenson leaves.  He promised to remain "fully engaged" at Stout during the transition and quote, "focus sharply on moving the campus forward."  Sorenson promised there would be ample opportunity in the next few months to have a "meaningful dialogue" about the issues the Stout campus faces.