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Construction continues on the new St. Croix River bridge

In spite of the cold weather, construction continues on the new Saint Croix River bridge near Hudson. Tugboats have moved a growing amount of ice from the river this week, so crews from the Sauk County firm of Edward Kraemer-and-Sons can finish installing the pier foundations for the new four-lane bridge. They're working 24-7, and they expect to be done by Christmas. Kraemer will get a one-point-four million dollar incentive bonus if it finishes by January 20th. Crew leaders say this week's sub-zero cold has slowed them down a little. Next week, workers from Lunda-and-Ames Construction will start driving piles on land for the actual four-lane driving surface. Temperatures are expected to be a bit warmer by then. Meanwhile, the ice tugboats have put a damper on snowmobiling and ice-fishing in the immediate area of the Saint Croix River. Warning signs have been put up at several places to keep-off-the-ice. A tugboat pilot says snowmobilers should watch for ice-heaves further away. The new bridge is expected to open in 2016.