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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Milwaukee men will not face charges in death of shoplifter

MILWAUKEE - Three men will not face charges related to the asphyxiation death of a suspected shoplifter.

Milwaukee police say the men restrained 16-year-old Corey Stingley outside a food store in 2012. When they let him go, he was unconscious and was later declared dead. Prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to charge the men with homicide or reckless conduct, adding that the men never intended to kill the teen or knew their actions would lead to his death.


A Peshtigo man has been sentenced in the stabbing death of his girlfriend. 49-year-old Brent Kaempf was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Kaempf was accused of killing Trish Waschbisch, the interim director of a Marinette domestic violence shelter, in April last year. Court records show the victim told friends she was breaking up with Kaempf. He pleaded no contest to a charge of first-degree intentional homicide, which carries an automatic life sentence if convicted.


New UW System president Ray Cross says his first order of business will be to mend fences with Wisconsin lawmakers. Cross was elected as the new president on Thursday and will take over in February. During a news conference yesterday, Cross says he will meet with Madison lawmakers to listen to their concerns. He adds that simplifying the System’s financial reporting will be a first step to assure greater transparency.