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Warner, Kasco, 63, Pittman get PCEDC awards

Members of the Pierce County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC) Board of Directors gathered at The Ridgetop, east of Prescott, for the organization’s annual meeting Jan. 23. Pictured from left to right are: John Carlson, Cecil Bjork, Blake Fry, Bryan Symes,Joanne Kocik,John Danneker,Beth Hein,P.C. Vasavada,Max Neuhaus, Steve DeWald,Mark Huber,Heather Hines and Phil Roberts. (Submitted photo)

The Pierce County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC) held its annual meeting Jan. 23 at The Ridgetop, east of Prescott.

Outgoing Director Bill Warner received a legislative citation from State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf and State Rep. Warren Petryk, who attended to give the award for Warner’s 14 years of service to PCEDC.

The Large Business of the Year Award went to Kasco Marine. The award recipient was Ray Lee.

Kasco Marine was founded as Windmill Marina. The owners weren’t happy with current deicers on the market for winter storage of boats. From there, they created a prototype and used it for their marina, and that was the groundwork for the corporation.

Eventually, they sold the marina and developed more products. Kasco also works with more decorative lighting for fountains, but the deicers are their big items. Kasco designs their own products, but they do not make all of the parts. They are a design and assembly house. They sell their product throughout the U.S. and internationally.

2013 was a very good year for Kasco. Most years have been good to them; they are growing at a steady pace. The company has good people working for them, and they are constantly coming out with new products and anticipate growth.

The Small Business of the Year Award went to 63 Express. The award recipient was Samantha Webb.

Webb originally knew nothing of being a business owner. She came to be an entrepreneur from the nursing field. She had help from a banker in Red Wing, who gave her assistance with managing her own business.

Being a business owner, she wears many hats. Webb is an accountant, a human resource manager, psychic, etc. Her customers often ask her how she can be so perky and happy. Webb replies always, “When I give you the attitude of smiles, I get that back.”

Not so happy last year, Webb’s husband, Nate, pulled out the only operating premium gas tank right at the peak of snowmobile season, accidentally while plowing snow. That horrible accident turned into a blessing in disguise. 63 Express has now updated to pay at the pump and the décor has been completely updated.

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