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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Wausau man dies for H1N1 flu virus

WAUSAU - State health officials are warning people to get their flu vaccinations. The warning comes in the wake of a 43-year-old Wausau man who died after being diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus.

A spokesperson for the health department says the strain, first recorded in 2009, affects young, healthy people and is covered by a flu shot. Officials say while this case is tragic, the flu is not currently considered widespread in the state at the time.


 Authorities say a man died after falling though the ice while on his way to fish with a friend. The Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office says 68-year-old Laverne Fletty, of Eau Claire, fell through the ice on Basswood Lake in the Town of Delta on Thursday morning. Authorities say the victim’s friend called police after he was unable to save him. Rescuers pulled him out of the water but were unable to resuscitate him.


 For the first time since 1994, the Great Lakes have succumbed to the bitter cold and is nearly covered with thick ice. According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, 88-percent of the lakes are covered in ice on Friday. Researchers say the unusual pattern of the arctic vortex is to blame for the ice cover. Crews for the U-S Coast Guard icebreakers on the lakes says they have logged over four-times the number of hours than in previous seasons.