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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Walker dismisses emails as 'old news'

WASHINGTON D.C. - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says controversial documents released this week about former aides is nothing more than “old news”.

The documents indicate former aides of Walker, who was running for Governor and serving as a Milwaukee County executive, mixed campaign and county business… leading to their convictions in the matter. Governor Walker publicly spoke about the incident during yesterday’s National Governors Association meeting.


Marquette University Students have received permission from NASA to send a small satellite into space, taking pictures of the planet Earth for nearly three months. Researchers say the coffee mug-sized satellite, named the Golden Eagle 1, will be launched into low orbit around the Earth. Dean of Marquette’s College of Engineering Bob Bishop says the project is aimed at applying scientific concepts to a real-life situation, while solving technological challenges facing the world.


Wausau Police say a 51-year-old driver who killed an 85-year-old woman last summer will not face charges. Authorities say the driver suffered a seizure during the incident, causing his SUV to hit Frances Wilk at a very high rate of speed while waiting at a red light in her vehicle. According to police, the man suffers from multiple sclerosis and a history of seizures.