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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUND-UP: Racine County DA arrested for DWI, fleeing scene of accident

RACINE  - Racine County district attorney Rich Chiapete  says he is “ashamed and embarrassed” that he drove while intoxicated and allegedly fled the scene of a crash on Friday night.

Racine Police say Chiapete was cited for crashing into a tree and traffic signal. In a letter to the Journal Times newspaper of Racine, Chiapete states he was returning home from a birthday party and panicked when the crash happened. He adds that he will work hard to restore the community’s faith in him and takes full responsibility for his actions.


Wisconsin is part of a disturbing trend across the U.S. The Department of Health Services reports that overdose deaths due to heroin use jumped from 25 in 2003, to 134 in 2011, with the trend likely to go up for 2014. Officials say the rise in heroin use could be linked to the rise in cost and now hard-to-get prescription opiates. The department adds that heroin overdoses are the most dangerous because users don’t know how strong the dose is or what’s in it.


A West Virginia man has been charged with felony stalking of a 13-year-old terminally ill girl. Waukesha Authorities say 30-year-old Shannon Bailey became infatuated with the teen after reading about her on the social media site, CaringBridge. According to the complaint, Bailey moved from West Virginia to Wisconsin to be closer to the teen. Her mother reported to police that Bailey was harassing her daughter and believed he wanted to marry her… an accusation Bailey denies. If convicted, he faces up to 18 months in prison and a 10-thousand dollar fine.