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Hines Auction Service adds new auctioneer

Samantha Rode with Jack Hines. Rode started last month as a new auctioneer for Hines Auction Service. (Submitted photo)

By Tracy Webb

Walking in with a big smile and strawberry blond hair, you'd never guess she was the new auctioneer hired last month at Hines Auction Service.

After listening to a CD of tongue twisters, and accomplishing all of those, her interest in auctioneering became real. At the young age of 16, Samantha Rode traveled with her mother, Peggy, to Clear Lake, Ia., and attended the Worldwide College of Auctioneering. Ten days and 100 hours later, she earned her degree.

“Jack (Hines) was one of my teachers there,” she said, “so I got to know both Jack and Jeff while in Clear Lake.”

After high school, she went on to nearly finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) in Rice Lake. All the while, Rode kept auctioneering for many area benefits, such as the Bra Auction at Agave in Hudson, Unseen Angels Benefit in Woodbury, Minn., Jacob Martin benefit in Spring Valley and the Leukemia benefit in Clear Lake, to name a few. But until then, she didn't have both feet into the business.

“While my friends were reading Cosmo magazines, I was reading Diesel Power and Car and Driver,” she said, smiling.

And so it was a natural desire for her to go into the automotive business.

“My dad (Doug) didn't want me to go into the auto mechanics field, he thought it would not be a good fit for me to be in that part of the industry, so I went into car sales.”

That was until she met up with Jeff Hines at another benefit, where he offered her the opportunity to come on board Hines Auction Service.

“I'm really enjoying it so far,” she said. “It's something different every day and I like that part of it. I'm looking forward to learning the business inside and out. In college, they teach you the background of businesses, the legality issues, but they don't teach you how it really works.”

In her free time, she enjoys Crossfit workouts (high intensity fitness training), AdvoCare products and her tiny dog, Pico, a part hairless Chihuahua.