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Oregon authorities investigating missing person as one of the victims hidden in suitcase

COTTAGRE GROVE, Ore. - Authorities in the state of Oregon are trying to determine if one of their missing persons was the second victim found hidden in a pair of suitcases near Lake Geneva.

KEZI-TV of Eugene, Oregon said police in nearby Cottage Grove are trying to determine if the body was that of Jenny Gamez, who vanished two years ago.  One report last week said the woman was tentatively identified, but her name was never released.  

The other buried person was 37-year-old Laura Simonson of Minnesota.  Walworth County prosecutors have charged former West Allis police officer Steven Zelich with hiding both corpses.  Prosecutors said homicide charges would be filed in the places where the two women were killed. They said the unidentified victim was slain in Kenosha County.  An Oregon police official said they were working with Wisconsin authorities to check Gomez's dental records.